30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 30 – Something that never fails to make me feel better

Elizabeth – A coke icee. If my world is falling apart, all I have to do is get an icee and it doesn’t seem so bad. Also, new perfume, Dairy Queen ice cream, or being able to scream or cry to a good song always helps too. πŸ™‚

Marie – A smile on either of my baby’s faces, Dairy Queen ice cream, a new pair of flip flops, and music.

Day 29 – Most Precious Possession

Elizabeth – I actually have several.

1. Terri’s grandmother’s wedding rings. I never take them off.
2. An antique white sapphire ring passed down to me from my grandmother’s side of the family.
3. A blue topaz ring of my grandmother’s.
4. A golden pendent with the letter ‘G’ on the front and ‘6’ on the back. Gilda was my grandmother’s name and she married my grandfather on February 6th.

Marie – A couple of my most precious material possessions are my dad’s dog tags from Vietnam and Desert Storm and my mom’s wedding set from when my parent’s first got married. They are both not worth a great deal of money, but are so precious to me.

Day 28 – Inspiration

Elizabeth – I don’t have one specific thing that inspires me. Sometimes it’s music or another work of art. Nature inspires me…most specifically rain. Now that I’m so into our story, the characters inspire me. Is that weird? To be inspired by people who are only real on paper?

Marie – My children are definitely my inspiration. They inspire me to be a better person, to make the best home for them, to be the best mother I can be, and to be the best example for them.

Day 25 – Favorite Seasons

Elizabeth – Fall and winter. Fall because summers in the south are usually hell, and the brisk winds are a very nice reprieve. Another reason I love fall is college football. We are die hard LSU Tiger fans in my family, and our Saturdays are filled with cheering the Bayou Bengals to victory. Lord help if they don’t win….then we mourn for the entire week. πŸ’œπŸ―πŸ’›
I love winter because I adore cold weather. I love dressing in sweaters and boots, and drinking hot chocolate all hours of the day.

Marie – My favorite season is fall. I absolutely love the changing colors of fall and the cool, crisp mornings and evenings.
I also love spring. It’s almost like a new beginning for everything and I love the beautiful colors of the flowers blooming. I love that it’s usually nice outside, not too hot or too cold.

Day 22, 23, and 24

I’m editing the book…so I’ve been slightly preoccupied. But here’s Day 22 thru 24. Since I’m computer retarded, I have no clue how to post pics with text underneath, so the handwriting pictures will be at the end. Mine will be first, then Marie’s.

Day 23 – Favorite color
Elizabeth – Black… Followed by blue and green.

Marie – My favorite color has pretty much always been blue and I’m happy with just about any shade of blue. I also really like purple, turquoise, gray, and pink. They all make me happy.

Day 24 – Hobbies

Elizabeth – When I’m not writing….which for the past 16 months has been NEVER…. I love doing anything creative. Sometimes I paint (not well), or decoupage, but other than writing, photography is my favorite hobby.

Marie – My hobbies would be reading, cooking, singing, photography and pretty much being creative however I can. I love to have a project going and I love to try to think out of the box as solutions for common ‘problems’ around the house.



Day 20 and 21

Day 20 Introvert or extrovert

I’m very much an introvert. I must have alone time and lots of it. I prefer the company of a few friends more than a crowd and I really despise situations where I have to make small talk. I suppose I think everyone should want to talk about philosophical issues at the drop of a hat. πŸ™‚ Even though I consider myself very introverted, being a nurse has – for lack of a better word – forced me to be more extroverted…which I think is good. We all need to be well- rounded and adaptable.

I’d have to say I’m a little of both. I like to be by myself and do my own thing sometimes, but other times, I like to be around people and in the middle of everything. I hate to be center of attention though, I’m more of a behind the scenes type of person. I like to think I’m pretty balanced in this department.

Day 21 – Favorite Childhood Toys

Barbies. For the reasons Marie listed below. I also had a stuffed raccoon named Stanaley. Not Stanley…Stanaley. πŸ™‚ Marie didn’t mention this, but I will for her…since I’m talking about my stuffed animal. She had a blanket named Fluffy. Those two stayed with us through at least college, I know. Fluffy might still be around….😏

Well, we have both mentioned it before and I am again, but one of my favorite childhood toys was my Barbies. Elizabeth and I played Barbies pretty much every time we were together when we were kids. I would stay overnight sometimes and we would play Barbies until after we were told to go to bed and we would set the alarm and wake up as early as we could to continue our ‘story line’ as well! Talk about imaginations! Our Barbies had some serious and creative issues, but we had such a blast every time we got together and played. Those are some of my most precious childhood memories!
Ultimately, I truly believe our Barbie playing skills are the foundation of our ability to come up with and develop ‘The Waiting’ series! It’s totally like playing Barbies without the Barbies! πŸ˜‰

Day 19 – Favorite Holiday

Elizabeth – Favorite Holiday
For me, it’s a toss up between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. I love everything about the Thanksgiving time of year – food preparation, football games, Macy’s parade, and the turkey-induced coma afterwards. I love it all! New Year’s Eve has always been special to me. Every year, it’s tradition for me to listen to Counting Crows’ Long December… I’ve done it since I was a teenager. Since Terri and I have been together, we’ve always made it a point to have some sort of adventure on December 31. It’s never anything big….but in year’s past we’ve gone to the zoo or exploring a local town to take pictures, but we always, always have sparkling grape juice at midnight. πŸ™‚

Marie – Favorite holiday

My favorite holiday used to be something that is not actually a holiday, but a festival that is held locally every year. The Balloon Races. I love the Balloon Races every year, but recently that has become my second favorite after having kids of course. My favorite holiday now would be Christmas simply because I love to see my little girl’s eyes light up when she sees what Santa Claus brought her! It’s still so magical for her and will be for my son when he gets a little older and I absolutely cannot wait to see them both thoroughly enjoy Christmas morning!