Day 19 – Favorite Holiday

Elizabeth – Favorite Holiday
For me, it’s a toss up between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. I love everything about the Thanksgiving time of year – food preparation, football games, Macy’s parade, and the turkey-induced coma afterwards. I love it all! New Year’s Eve has always been special to me. Every year, it’s tradition for me to listen to Counting Crows’ Long December… I’ve done it since I was a teenager. Since Terri and I have been together, we’ve always made it a point to have some sort of adventure on December 31. It’s never anything big….but in year’s past we’ve gone to the zoo or exploring a local town to take pictures, but we always, always have sparkling grape juice at midnight. 🙂

Marie – Favorite holiday

My favorite holiday used to be something that is not actually a holiday, but a festival that is held locally every year. The Balloon Races. I love the Balloon Races every year, but recently that has become my second favorite after having kids of course. My favorite holiday now would be Christmas simply because I love to see my little girl’s eyes light up when she sees what Santa Claus brought her! It’s still so magical for her and will be for my son when he gets a little older and I absolutely cannot wait to see them both thoroughly enjoy Christmas morning!

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