Month: March 2016

Witch Dance…Prologue

The first book in my newest series (Hopewell Coven) releases on April 26th. I’m excited to share the Prologue with y’all today. Enjoy!!!

Witch Dance Prologue

Houston, Mississippi

Present Day

Bound and kneeling in the middle of the fiery circle, Starling Hopewell fought to calm her nerves. Impossible. Futile. Death was coming. She felt it. She knew it. She welcomed it. To the right of the blaze, her three aunts clung to one another, each of them wishing they could help their darling niece. On the other side, her grandmother—The Imperial One—stood with a smug grin tugging at her lips. In Starling’s direct line of vision… her parents. They were the reason she was here, and surprisingly, her motivation to succeed. Though their definition of success and hers held two different meanings entirely.

“Call the water down, Starling. Focus on the oceans above and call it down. Just like we practiced,” her mother said, yet Starling’s mind heard the fear in Lansing Hopewell’s heart. I’m afraid she won’t survive this. My baby won’t survive. Why did I bring her into this world knowing what I know? Lansing glanced at Starling’s father. Why did I love you? Why do I still? Our daughter will die for our love.

A flame caught the wind blowing scorched brush closer to Starling. Instinctively, she cried out as a spark hit her forearm.

“Mother,” Lansing screamed, “don’t do this.”

“Don’t do this?” Morganza Hopewell’s icy blue eyes glared at her second-born child. The one named as her successor. “I didn’t do this, Lansing. You did. You and your husband. This is what happens when you fall in love with your charge. It’s the price you pay. Half a witch.”

“Take me, Mother. I will take Starling’s place.”

“Lansing.” Payne Bennett’s arms wrapped around his wife’s shoulders. “This must be.”

Jerking around to face her husband, she pushed away from him. “Our daughter is about to die, Payne. And you say this must be.”

“Yes, my love.” Payne couldn’t explain it to his beloved even if he tried, but this was Starling’s destiny… to be consumed in flames. She would not call the water down. “It must.”

Morganza paced the edge of the circle, taunting Starling by flinging drops of water from her fingertips. “So you think you’re a witch? Conjuring three elements makes you nothing more than what you’ve always been… a half-breed. Starling, you’re unworthy of the Hopewell name.”

“My father always said you were a heartless bitch, Morganza.” Payne glared at his mother-in-law.

“The Mirro was always generous with compliments, and other dalliances, if I remember correctly. Pity he’s not here to see his granddaughter fail.” Lifting her hands upward toward the sky, Morganza whispered an incantation to the night. Thunder clouds swirled overhead. “I’ve made it easy for you, Starling, because even if you are half Native, you’re still my granddaughter. All you have to do is pray for rain.”

Bowing her head, as if she were obeying Morganza’s suggestion, Starling whispered her own chant, not in her grandmother’s Celtic tongue, but her father’s Apacik language. “Un Apacik alhihat ishay, hoti un bahíl kahl. The Apacik people will dance until the world ends. The Apacik people will dance…”

Surrendering to her fate, Starling called out to Lansing over the now-raging fire. “I’m not afraid to die, Mom. Listen to my father. He knows.”

“No, Starling. Don’t give up. Focus on the oceans. You can do this, sweet girl. You can break through the firewall.”

The blaze reached Starling’s feet, searing and blistering her skin. “I cannot call the water and air, nor can I summon the earth or fire this day. Imado’si’, help me,” she whispered to her deceased grandfather. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the blackness, the pain. Death. Dancing. With one final breath, Starling Hopewell gave herself up to the flame.

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Witch Dance is ONE MONTH away from release


Several months ago, an idea I had for a series demanded to be written… the result is Witch Dance, a young adult paranormal story about a teenage witch named Starling. It’s a mix of factual information, legends and myths, and my overactive imagination, and I can’t wait to share it with the world. Less racy that The Waiting Series, the Hopewell Coven follows a group of witches whose job is to guide a Mississippi Flatwoods Indian tribe called the Apacik.  

I’d love help getting the word out. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

The Hinterland Veil–Volume 7 in The House of Crimson and Clover


Bravery conquers fear. Fate races time.





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The Deschanels are scattered across Europe, each in search of what matters most.

Finding himself closer to Ana every day, Finn must exercise patience, and follow his Quinlan training, to prevent losing her forever. 

Aleksandr sees the world through a different lens, as he discovers the joy and heartbreak of first love. 

Desperate for a miracle, Nicolas fears losing Mercy to her own delusions, and together they set off for Scotland in search of the unknown. 

At the center of everything sits Anasofiya and Cyler, each fighting their own internal battles, each hurtling toward very different outcomes. 

In this compelling seventh volume, our heroes grow ever closer to their goals as bravery conquers fear and fate races time. 

My review: Fans of Sarah M. Cradit have come to expect several things from her work, but two stand out to me: plot twists and non-stop action. The Hinterland Veil is a perfect example of her ability to pull the reader directly inside the story and just as the characters do–get moved around with the natural ebb and flow of the storyline.In this installment, we see our favorites (Nic&Mercy, Ana&Finn, young Alexsai) and others weather hardships, heartbreaks, and maybe even experience a triumph (seriously, plot twist of the century). THV is a full circle in many ways. Though it lacks the in-your-face gut punch of Midnight Dynasty or Myths of Midwinter, this book is the beginning of a HEA for many of the characters we’ve rejoiced and suffered with. As always, start from the beginning with Volume 1, Illusions of Eventide, grab a blanket and a bottle of wine (or seven), settle into a comfy chair and get started. Your housework may suffer, but you’ll be so lost in the world of the Deschanels and Sullivans that you won’t care.