Day 25 – Favorite Seasons

Elizabeth – Fall and winter. Fall because summers in the south are usually hell, and the brisk winds are a very nice reprieve. Another reason I love fall is college football. We are die hard LSU Tiger fans in my family, and our Saturdays are filled with cheering the Bayou Bengals to victory. Lord help if they don’t win….then we mourn for the entire week. 💜🐯💛
I love winter because I adore cold weather. I love dressing in sweaters and boots, and drinking hot chocolate all hours of the day.

Marie – My favorite season is fall. I absolutely love the changing colors of fall and the cool, crisp mornings and evenings.
I also love spring. It’s almost like a new beginning for everything and I love the beautiful colors of the flowers blooming. I love that it’s usually nice outside, not too hot or too cold.

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