Day 22, 23, and 24

I’m editing the book…so I’ve been slightly preoccupied. But here’s Day 22 thru 24. Since I’m computer retarded, I have no clue how to post pics with text underneath, so the handwriting pictures will be at the end. Mine will be first, then Marie’s.

Day 23 – Favorite color
Elizabeth – Black… Followed by blue and green.

Marie – My favorite color has pretty much always been blue and I’m happy with just about any shade of blue. I also really like purple, turquoise, gray, and pink. They all make me happy.

Day 24 – Hobbies

Elizabeth – When I’m not writing….which for the past 16 months has been NEVER…. I love doing anything creative. Sometimes I paint (not well), or decoupage, but other than writing, photography is my favorite hobby.

Marie – My hobbies would be reading, cooking, singing, photography and pretty much being creative however I can. I love to have a project going and I love to try to think out of the box as solutions for common ‘problems’ around the house.



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