Hey y’all,

– Today’s picture is from Greenwood Cemetery in New Orleans.

The Watching is back to me for first edits from my amazing editor, Kathy. Here’s her website ( if anybody’s in need of a professional editor with affordable prices. She’ll be featured here the first weekend in February.

-Speaking of The Watching… we can’t wait for y’all to read the next installment in this series. It’s filled with even more secrets from our favorite South Louisiana families. Hoping for a February release date.

– I’m looking for authors for our “For Your Reading Pleasure” feature. I’ve been booked since October, posting a new author nearly every Monday and Friday, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know different writers and their processes. So… if you are a writer (published, unpublished, or aspiring) and you’d like to take your readers deeper into how you do it, then shoot an email to

The Wanting: Book 3 in The Waiting Series, FINALLY has a complete (but subject to change) outline. Initially, I thought I could do it with my tentative ‘list of things that needed to happen,’ but at the 4th chapter, it became apparent that I needed something a bit more structured.

Hope y’all have a great day.
Elizabeth 🙂

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