– To all the author friends, book bloggers, tweeters, and anyone else who helped…THANK YOU for making The Waiting’s very first free promotion so successful. We didn’t break into the Amazon overall Top Free 100 but we were #137 for several hours. However, the book DID make the Top Free 100 in 2 list: #3 in Sagas and #9 Romantic Suspense. How amazing!!! It would have been impossible to do without your help, and for that…we are so grateful.

– In the excitement over the last 5 promotion days (I WAS GLUED TO MY CELL PHONE), and the Thanksgiving holiday, edits have fallen behind…way behind. But last night I finally finished an add-in scene and then began anew this morning.

– If I hadn’t already announced it, the tag line for The Watching: Book 2 is:
Secrets, lies, and family ties on the banks of the Pontchartrain…
The ‘secrets, lies, and family ties’ is actually spoken by everybody’s favorite villain, Bob O’Malley. And y’all, if you thought Book 1 blew your mind…The Watching is nuts.

Well, I’m off to edit. 🙂
Thanks again to everyone…and welcome to our new readers.


From Us to YOU…


Marie and I are so grateful to everyone who’s helped us on this journey, and we want to say THANKS!! So The Waiting: Book 1 is FREE thru Sunday in the US🇺🇸and the UK🇬🇧. Thanks y’all and we hope you enjoy the love and lies on the banks of the Pontchartrain…