New Orleans

Why New Orleans?

Why NOT New Orleans?

When Marie and I were deciding on the setting for our book series we knew for sure it should be Louisiana. First of all, we know it. As children, we lived across the street from each other in Vidalia, a small central Louisiana town. We played on the levee together and made ‘club houses’ in the brush at its base. We went fishing in the Bar Pits, and dredged the back ditch behind Marie’s house for crawfish after every big rain. And when we were old enough to drive, we drove the back roads at night singing at the top of our lungs to Wilson Phillips or Tracy Bonham. Both of us went to college in Louisiana. I went to Tech in Ruston, and Marie, to Baton Rouge and LSU. This state is in our blood, and more than that, our hearts. So when we were talking about where in the world The Waiting would be set….Marie said, “why not New Orleans?” And so, New Orleans it was! We went a step further by accident, and somehow included all of South Louisiana. It has been a joy researching and exploring that part of my state. From Darrow to St. Amant, Slidell, Mandeville, Bayou Des Allemands, and especially New Orleans, I have gained such an appreciation for our heritage as native Louisianians. So here are a few pictures of the past two trips I’ve taken to South Louisiana – most of these places are significant in Book One, and if not Book One, Book Two and so on.











On the Banks of the Pontchartrain – Part 2….

Unapologetically arrogant, Dr. Nash
Douglas has a love/hate relationship with his parents. Simply speaking, he loves to hate them. For years, he’s tried to win their approval, but instead of impressing them, they showered their attentions and affections on their other three children, namely their middle son, Reece. But at thirteen, after accidentally seeing his mother with another man, Nash tells the one person who’d been yearning for retribution against Arianne for his entire life – his father’s ex-wife, Dr. Millie Douglas. Through the years, their desire for revenge brings them closer to power and each other. And now, he wants all of her – mind, body, and soul.

Kindhearted Reece Douglas is in love with the girl of his dreams. Beautiful Layton Beard is everything he wants in a woman and a best friend. Over the past year, they’ve spent countless hours getting to know each other and sharing each other’s lives, and Reece can’t help but hope for the day he can make her his wife. The only problem? She’s dating his older brother.

Good-natured, agreeable Sydney Douglas has spent her entire life trying to earn a relationship with her bold and over-the-top parents – especially her mother. Yet every time she reached out, Millie would freeze and build a wall, insurmountable to scale, making reconciliation impossible. After an unexpected change of heart from her father, Andrew, she vows to go to her mother and give her one more try. But what Sydney discovers in her childhood home shatters her world into a million pieces.

Charming Tiffany Comeaux is completely smitten with her boyfriend, Dr. Gregory Adams. She may even be falling in love. But four months into their relationship, she’s still not been formally introduced to anyone close to him. In fact, he’s avoided it at all cost. So after a real, legit invitation to finally meet his friends, making a good impression is paramount. But some of those friends, as Tiffany soon realizes, need more convincing than others.

Intuitive Lesley Huff has been blessed with the gift of knowing, and it’s saved lives on more than one occasion. Literal and straight-forward, she has the ability to read people and their motivations. But when a reoccurring childhood dream changes, Lesley knows something’s wrong. Someone she loves is in danger. But who? And why?

On the Banks of the Pontchartrain…….

Ambitious Dr. Andrew Douglas is always looking for ways to have more. More power. More money. More women. But when Slidell businessman, Dr. Bob O’Malley propositions him to bring River City Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, into a black market organ trade, he’s hesitant. How would they get away with it? What happens if they get caught? What happens if he says no?

Conservative and proper Arianne Douglas seems to have it all. A happy marriage, three handsome sons, a loving stepdaughter, and a fulfilling career that gives back to others. But when her husband’s ex-wife discovers her deepest secret, how will Arianne prevent her two worlds from colliding – especially since her secret involves her husband’s best friend, and her thirteen year old son?

Stoic and solemn Dr. Gregory Adams is an honorable man with a heart of gold. Proud of the legacy passed down through his father and grandfathers, he takes his job as Chief Medical Officer of River City Medical Center seriously. But after discovering that his best friend, Andrew is involved with something that is legally and ethically wrong, Gregory doesn’t know what to do. Further complicating his decision, are his long-standing feelings for Andrew’s wife – his one true love.

Brazen Dr. Millicent Douglas has been on a twenty-seven year mission: destroy Arianne Douglas. And thirteen years ago, she was joined by the most unlikely of allies – Arianne’s oldest son Nash. Effortlessly, she persuades her ex-husband to convince his best friend to rehire her at Rivers, allowing her closer to the black market organ trade known as the Operation. With Nash’s help, she infiltrates the accounts of Arianne’s charitable organization, and manages to discover her nemesis’ long-hidden secret. But the stakes are raised when Millie realizes that the relationship between her and Nash is changing and she’s powerless to stop it. Is she strong enough to say no? Or will his love break down her walls?

Ruthless Dr. Bob O’Malley has a score to settle with Andrew Douglas – for more reasons than one. The most recent offense – fifteen years before when Andrew’s gross negligence left Bob’s youngest son in a vegetative state. Together with his eldest son, Sol and a mysterious accomplice named Owen, Bob vows to exact his revenge any way possible. And if that takes them down the road to death, then so be it.

The Waiting Cover

As expected, Kyle did not disappoint! Right now, we have 3 choices to choose from. I’m going to post the two I have on my phone. A little background about the cover….it’s at Fontainebleau State Park on Lake Pontchartrain. On a whim, when Terri and I were in South Louisiana last November, we decided to go see the old Sugar Mill ruins located inside the park, and of course, the Lake. It was by sheer accident that the picture of the pier turned out as good as it did, and while in my mind, Millie and Nash’s pier is older and more dilapidated, this is very representative of ‘their’ place in my opinion.

Nash’s Church

“Are you warm?” Nash asked, cinching the blanket tighter around Millie’s shoulders. The cool lake breeze swirled around them as they lay intertwined on an old dilapidated pier at Fontainebleau State Park. After hours upon hours of blissfully fierce lovemaking and world-changing orgasms, they were exhausted. And Nash would’ve let them sleep had he not felt the rosary that still dangled from Millie’s wrist. As he’d nudged her awake with soft kisses, she’d playfully protested and even balked a little when he said insisted upon taking her to Church. But before the sun rose on that glorious Sunday morning, they were there. At his Church. On the banks of the Pontchartrain.
“I am,” she answered. “How did I not know you did this?” Millie settled in closer, draping his arm around her shoulder.
“I’ve never told anyone. You might have thought it was silly. I know you don’t believe in all that.”
“Nash, I would never think something special to you was silly.” Breathing in and out, she closed her eyes, listening to the waves and the faint calls of the night birds. “Thank you for sharing this with me.”
He nodded to the darkness. “I just come to clear my mind. And think. About the things that matter. You. Us. Graceanne.”