On the Banks of the Pontchartrain – Part 2….

Unapologetically arrogant, Dr. Nash
Douglas has a love/hate relationship with his parents. Simply speaking, he loves to hate them. For years, he’s tried to win their approval, but instead of impressing them, they showered their attentions and affections on their other three children, namely their middle son, Reece. But at thirteen, after accidentally seeing his mother with another man, Nash tells the one person who’d been yearning for retribution against Arianne for his entire life – his father’s ex-wife, Dr. Millie Douglas. Through the years, their desire for revenge brings them closer to power and each other. And now, he wants all of her – mind, body, and soul.

Kindhearted Reece Douglas is in love with the girl of his dreams. Beautiful Layton Beard is everything he wants in a woman and a best friend. Over the past year, they’ve spent countless hours getting to know each other and sharing each other’s lives, and Reece can’t help but hope for the day he can make her his wife. The only problem? She’s dating his older brother.

Good-natured, agreeable Sydney Douglas has spent her entire life trying to earn a relationship with her bold and over-the-top parents – especially her mother. Yet every time she reached out, Millie would freeze and build a wall, insurmountable to scale, making reconciliation impossible. After an unexpected change of heart from her father, Andrew, she vows to go to her mother and give her one more try. But what Sydney discovers in her childhood home shatters her world into a million pieces.

Charming Tiffany Comeaux is completely smitten with her boyfriend, Dr. Gregory Adams. She may even be falling in love. But four months into their relationship, she’s still not been formally introduced to anyone close to him. In fact, he’s avoided it at all cost. So after a real, legit invitation to finally meet his friends, making a good impression is paramount. But some of those friends, as Tiffany soon realizes, need more convincing than others.

Intuitive Lesley Huff has been blessed with the gift of knowing, and it’s saved lives on more than one occasion. Literal and straight-forward, she has the ability to read people and their motivations. But when a reoccurring childhood dream changes, Lesley knows something’s wrong. Someone she loves is in danger. But who? And why?

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