Hello Dear Readers,

Here’s a bit of what’s going on here with me in lovely Northeast Louisiana:

– on a personal note, my beloved Matsi passed away at the end of March. We miss her so much but know she’s free of pain and running and jumping and bugging her sister, Rayne, across the Rainbow Bridge in the Field of Flowers 🐺🌈💐 (Witch Dance reference if you’ve read it 😉) Love our sweet and brave girl!

– In book news, I am knee deep into the 9th (NINTH😍😍😍) Counterplay book, titled Missing. For those of you who follow the series, I’ll reveal a small spoiler – THIS is the book where we discover the Caissy Family Secret. No more diversions or Red Herrings, this is the real deal! I’d been looking forward to writing this scene for several years now and I wasn’t disappointed, and I feel pretty sure it will live up to the hype it’s been given over the past several books.

Misplaced (Counterplay Book 7) or as I like to call it, the Hurricane book, has come back from my editor (shout out to the amazingly talented Emily Lawrence) and will be headed to my beta readers soon. I hope for a mid-June release date and I will place this one on pre-order so keep checking back for updates.

Misdirection will be FREE for a limited time only! I’ve decided to take it off perma-free and set the prequel (Misaligned) to $0. So if you or your friends are interested in the Counterplay series, get this book for FREE while it last.

Misdirection: Book 1





– interested in Counterplay but don’t want to commit to all the books just yet? Check out my short story on Instafreebie. It’s less than 1500 words but will tell you all you need to know about the murder, sex, and intrigue that is this series.

Blurb – Helen invites an old friend to lunch, but she has more on her mind than simply catching up. Taking place more than thirty years before the start of the Counterplay prequel, Monster delves into the psyche of beloved Caissy matriarch, Helen, her tumultuous past with ruthless Bob O’Malley, and the tragic, abominable decision that changed and shaped both their families.


That’s about all in my world. Hope all of you are enjoying Spring!


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