Dear Louisiana…

Dear Louisiana, 

I know you are hurting. We are hurting too. From Bossier Parish all the way down to Vermilion Bay, and in the places in between. From Slidell to Natchitoches, Ruston to Houma. Every one of us who loves this great state sees your plight, and we’re here to shoulder the burden. Side by side. Arm in arm.

You’ve been knocked down and you might think no one cares. You’re on your back scared, afraid… drowning. You may believe all hope is lost and the sun will never shine again. Reach inward, Louisiana, dig deep and you will find the light inside of you. 

You were born with an indomitable spirit, and though there are parts of you that sit below sea level, you rise. You are a mix of faiths and races and you march to the beat of your own drum. You draw us in with your southern hospitality and when we leave you, we find that we long to return.

You are lightening bugs and thunderstorms, crawfish and meat pies, evenings on the lake, sultry nights in the bayou, you are Christmas lights, Joyeux Noël and a dash of Tabasco in black-eyed peas. You are the perfect blend of jazz and country with a pop flare. You are loud and you must let the good times roll. You are a generous slice of King cake and we always want more. You are a second line band and a sportsman’s paradise. You are home.

Though it may be dark now, we see your tears, Louisiana, and we are crying along with you. We will not let you go through this alone, because when one of us falls, we all stand ready to help him up. 

Stay strong. 


Your people

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