Review – Beyond Midnight: Asunder


This summer’s “Midnight Dynasty” left House of Crimson and Clover fans everywhere as broken as the Deschanel family of New Orleans. Like Tristan, we mulled over each word of Julianne and Ophelia’s diaries hoping to see something, anything that could help us figure out the curse. We witnessed Katja and Allain’s hopefulness turn to crippling despair. We fought – as Jacob did – to hold on to Amelia, the love of his life. And we listened to the summer rain with Nicholas as he held his little sister for the last time. But in true Cradit style, she tears you down – making you see and experience human emotion and raw pain – and then builds you back up again. Asunder is the mountaintop. Yes, you will be taken on another journey, but when you reach your destination… where two souls finally realize their destiny, it all will be worth it.

This is not a standalone book…you wouldn’t want it to be. Start at the beginning of this passion-filled series with St. Charles at Dusk, and don’t stop till you reach Beyond Midnight: Asunder. Then read it slow and often. 5 everlong stars.

***I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Beyond Midnight: Asunder is live today on all major retailers.

(Be sure and come back tomorrow as we feature Sarah for our Friday installment of author features.)

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