So here are a few observations I’ve had…

– Since I am down to the last two chapters in “The Watching,” I am easily distracted. As in… I will do ANYTHING to prevent from writing them. Case in point: random blog post.

– I am ABSOLUTELY 100% THRILLED about the features beginning this Friday. It’s WIN-WIN for us all. PLEASE tell your author friends to email me (email on the ‘For Your Reading Pleasure’ page) and we’ll get them a date. We are booked every Monday and Friday through January 19th, but would love to continue this indefinitely. If everyone enjoys this, I may re-vamp the questions and start it all over again.

– The most popular post on this blog other than the “About Elizabeth and Marie,” is… Bob and Millie? WTH? Seriously? Those of you that have read the book know of Bob and Millie’s… ummm, ‘special’ relationship. Let me tell you… we have a few more of their “encounters” to come in “The Watching.” If my editor doesn’t find out, I might post a small excerpt (unedited of course – so not as amazing as it could be) later on.

– On the subject of Bob… so nearly all authors have a playlist of songs for their books. I am no exception. But I do wonder if other authors listen to hymns and spiritual songs for their main antagonist? Yep, Bob O’Malley’s theme song is “Wayfaring Stranger” followed closely by “Nothing but the Blood.” Go figure. I do love his story though. It’s been so much fun finding out what made him the sadistic madman that he’s become.

– Fall is one of my favorite seasons and our weather in Northeast Louisiana has been grand!! We’ve even slept with the windows open a few nights.

– THE FUNERAL: BOOK 1.5 comes out (fingers crossed) on Halloween. YEAH!!! The timeframe of this novella will be directly after the end of the book through the day after the epilogue. For those of you that had questions about what ‘really happened’… this book will answer a few of them and hopefully bring some semblance of closure to “The Waiting.”

Y’all have a great afternoon!

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