Sarah M. Cradit’s Midnight Dynasty – South Louisiana Top 10, This and That, Character Bio and Interview

I asked Sarah to tell me her Top 10 for South Louisiana…here are her choices. 🙂

Top 10 Favorites in South Louisiana
In no particular order:
1) Commander’s Palace
2) The Garden District
3) The subtropical foliage in New Orleans, and the sound of the wildlife, especially the cicadas
4) Coffee and chicory (especially as a cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde)
5) Hotel Monteleone
6) Houmas House Plantation & Gardens
7) Taking an airboat on the bayou
8) The St. Charles Streetcar
9) Galatoire’s
10) The overall history, culture, and heritage of the region

Sarah’s – This or That
Day or night? – Night. I definitely find my greatest creativity after the sun goes down.
Lost or found?- Found! Lost just makes me feel old and forgetful. Unless we’re talking about the TV show. Then I choose Lost.
Nicolas or Jacob?- Okay, this is just unfair! Nicolas is my spirit animal, and Jacob is… well, he’s Jacob. If I’m choosing who I enjoy writing for more, Nicolas. If the question is a “who would you rather marry?” one, then Jacob.
Coke or Pepsi?- Coke. Especially the kind with real sugar.
Black or white?- Black.
Wine or beer?- Another hard one! I live in Portland, where we are famous for both. But if I had to choose, probably wine, as it’s better for me (or so I tell myself).
Paperbacks or ebooks?- Paperbacks.
Rain or shine?- Rain! I am definitely a clouds and storm girl.
Love or money?- Love.
Boxers or briefs?- Briefs.
Ana or Amelia?- You really are enjoying the torture ;). While I think Amelia is a more balanced character, Ana has something within her I can truly relate to (and I happen to be privy to some of the badassery ahead for her).
The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings? Lord of the Rings.
Phone calls or texts?- Texts. Much like Ana, I’m not big on small talk, and phones are hotbeds for it.
Shower or bath?- Shower, though I do enjoy a nice bath from time to time.
Aragorn or Legolas?- Aragorn. Legolas is a great character, but Aragorn’s story, and all he overcame to be king, is a true inspiration.

Character Bios
Meet the Deschanels who tell the story of Midnight Dynasty:

Character: Amelia Jameson
Age: 29
Daughter of: Colleen Deschanel and Noah Jameson
Ability: Empath
Strength: Despite her emotional acuity, Amelia is know for her level-headedness and pragmatism under duress.
Weakness: Amelia’s empathic nature is capable of killing her.
Physical Appearance: Amelia’s hair is near white, and she has bright blue eyes, which is why Jacob calls her mi bruja blanca (“my white witch”).
Heart Belongs to: Jacob Donnelly

Character: Tristan Sullivan
Age: 21
Daughter of: Elizabeth Deschanel and Connor Sullivan
Ability: Distance Telepath
Strength: Tristan’s suffering has birthed a capacity for using humor to endure and survive.
Weakness: His inexperience with the world leaves him vulnerable, and unable to see danger coming.
Physical Appearance: Tristan has dark brown hair, often messy.
Heart Belongs to: No one.

Character: Colleen Deschanel
Age: 54
Daughter of: Colleen Brady and August Deschanel
Ability: Shaman
Strength: Colleen is the matriarch of the family, and has a keen insight and understanding of everyone in it. She is often looked to as the one with the answers.
Weakness: Her strength can often also be her weakness, as she can be so convinced of her own accuracy.
Physical Appearance: Colleen has dark hair, always neatly coiffed. Her appearance, whether attending an event or simply checking the mail, is always neat and well-dressed in her finest.
Heart Belongs to: Noah Jameson

Character: Adrienne Sullivan
Age: 26
Daughter of: Lisette Duchene and Charles Deschanel
Ability: Absorption
Strength: Adrienne’s intellect started when she was a young girl, and she has a heart to match.
Weakness: Her artless lack of emotional intelligence often leads her to make decisions with great intentions but disastrous results.
Physical Appearance: Adrienne has long red hair and bright blue eyes, with a face that still resembles the one she had as a very young girl.
Heart Belongs to: Oz Sullivan

Character: Markus Gehring
Age: 21
Daughter of: Evangeline Deschanel and Johannes Gehring
Ability: Illusionist
Strength: Markus is a smooth operator, able to see situations without emotion.
Weakness: His cold outlook on the world has left him in a position where few truly know him.
Physical Appearance: Markus is tall and pale, a trait inherited from his father’s Swedish side.
Heart Belongs to: No one.

Character: Olivia Claiborne
Age: 30
Daughter of: Maureen Deschanel and Edouard Blanchard
Ability: Seer
Strength: Olivia has a strong maternal instinct, and will do anything she can to protect her loved ones.
Weakness: Olivia’s willful ignorance toward things she does not agree with often causes great discord between her and her family.
Physical Appearance: Olivia has long, wavy brown hair, and a trim figure.
Heart Belongs to: Greg Claiborne

Character: Colin “Oz” Sullivan
Age: 30
Daughter of: Catherine Connelly and Colin Sullivan Jr.
Ability: Dreamwalker
Strength: Oz has a strong sense of family, and an even stronger sense of justice. He cannot resist a damsel in distress.
Weakness: Oz is loyal to a fault, often putting himself in unhealthy situations for what he perceives to be the benefit of others.
Physical Appearance: Oz has raven black hair, and brilliant green eyes. His expression is one which always appears pensive.
Heart Belongs to: Adrienne Sullivan

Character: Katja Gehring
Age: 19
Daughter of: Evangeline Deschanel and Johannes Gehring
Ability: Telekinetic
Strength: Katja’s powerful intelligence and desire for the truth makes her a valuable asset not only to herself, but her family.
Weakness: Once her mind is made up, she commits to the decision, even if it leads to problems.
Physical Appearance: Katja is known by her father as his “Swedish Princess,” with her long fair hair and porcelain skin.
Heart Belongs to: ??

Character: Alain Blanchard
Age: 26
Daughter of: Maureen Deschanel and Edouard Blanchard
Ability: Telekinetic Destroyer
Strength: Alain has a kind heart, and is sensitive to the needs of others.
Weakness: Alain lacks the courage of his convictions.
Physical Appearance: Alain has a soft, babyface and medium blonde hair.
Heart Belongs to: ??

Character Interview
Character: Amelia Jameson Deschanel

1. 1. What is your MC like?
2. Amelia has spent her life in a powerful families of witches and warlocks, but is known for her pragmatism and level-headedness. As an empath, she is keenly in tune with the needs of others, and is always at the ready to help in any way she can. As well, she will do everything she can to protect those she loves. From her mother, she inherited her intuition and decisiveness. From her father, a soft and sensitive heart.

1. 2. What does your MC do best? What is the perfect location for this action?
2. As an empath, Amelia is at her best when helping and counseling others. She has recently obtained her PhD in behavioral medicine.
4. However, Amelia also has much greater strengths–ones she does not yet know about–which will prove even more important 😉

1. 3. What drives your MC to do the things they do?
2. Her abiding love for all mankind, especially those close to her.

1. 4. You are introduced to MC. Is MC happy to meet you?
2. Indeed! Amelia is quiet, and subdued, but is kind to everyone.

1. 5. What is your MC’s favorite guilty pleasure?
2. German sports cars. Amelia drives like it’s her job.

1. 6. How would your MC describe themself?
2. Amelia would see herself through diplomatic eyes. Someone who always tries to do the right thing, and mostly succeeds. But also a flawed individual.

1. 7. What is your MC’s weakness?
2. Her empathic nature leaves her vulnerable. Too much at once can leave her in an imperiled state (much like a coma), and can even kill her. She finds herself in this situation in Midnight Dynasty.

1. 8. Where does your MC go to regroup/unwind?
2. Drive like a madwoman 🙂

1. 9. What does your MC live for?
2. Family.

1. 10. What will your MC kill for?
2. Family. And above all Jacob, her heart.

Answer as your main character.

1. 1. Give up three of your deepest, darkest secrets.
3. 1- I have a lot more dark thoughts about others than I ever voice.
4. 2- I fear that one day I’ll be expected to make a choice between those I love, and will choose wrong.
5. 3- While I try never to lie, I often soften the truth to avoid hurting others.

1. 2. If you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?
2. Time travel. Ahh, to see the past! I would not wish to change it, but we have much we could learn from it.

1. 3. A biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in six words or less?
2. Couldn’t Make This Sh*t Up

1. 4. If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
2. Although my family has never wanted for money, I’d still never leave my beloved New Orleans.

1. 5. I can never have children because of the Deschanel Curse.

1. 6. The next time I am faced with a difficult decision I will not take the coward’s way out.

1. 7. Why do I always overextend myself, knowing I could make myself sick?

1. 8. My favorite flavor is chicory because it reminds me of the earth.
3. 9. I love New Orleans because I know it holds more secrets than answers.

1. 10. How much emotional pain can you take? Why?
2. Very little, as it can kill me. But I grow stronger every day.

1. 11. Name one thing you must do before you die, and why.
2. Discover the meaning of the prophecy.

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TITLE – Midnight Dynasty
SERIES – The House of Crimson & Clover
AUTHOR – Sarah M. Cradit
GENRE – Paranormal Southern Gothic
PUBLICATION DATE – August 26th, 2014
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 482 pages
PUBLISHER – Sarah M. Cradit
COVER ARTIST – Sarah M. Cradit

Midnight Dynasty - Book Cover



The Deschanel Curse, dormant for a decade, has returned with a vengeance.

Seers across the family are coming together, hopeful the Deschanel Magi Collective can solve this malediction that has plagued the family for nearly two centuries.

But how do you combat the blood oath of a grieving mother?

As the body count rises, it becomes apparent that strength, love, and ancient power provide no protection from destiny’s cruel hand.

Midnight Dynasty - Full Wrap





beautiful young woman with flowers



Colleen observed her younger sister’s ranting with an overwhelming urge to let out a long sigh. Histrionics had always been Elizabeth’s specialty, and she was in top form today.
“Liz, it has been nearly a decade,” Colleen attempted reasonably, knowing it would do little to quell her sister’s tirade. And truthfully, Colleen was wary herself. In spite of her dramatics, Elizabeth’s visions were often accurate, especially when they came to her in the form of a dream. But it would do no good to indulge her, or Elizabeth would quickly slip into one of her episodes, and she would be lost for days, if not weeks.
“That doesn’t concern you?” Elizabeth cried, pacing before Colleen’s marble mantle at The Gardens. “The Curse hasn’t had its fill in almost ten years! It’s hungry!”
“Psh,” Colleen replied, but looked away. Ten years. Ten years since their brother, Charles, and most of his family, perished in a bayou car accident. Ten years since Elizabeth’s daughter, Danielle, was struck by a car in front of their home. Ten years since Colleen’s son, Ben, and his young family, died in that horrible house fire.
Had Colleen worried the Deschanel Curse would strike again? Of course. That fear floated in the back of all her thoughts. But she also knew dwelling on something you could not change benefitted no one.
Secretly, and with some hope, she also wondered if the Curse was beginning to slow, or dilute itself. The potency had dulled over the last hundred and fifty years. Previously, generations were wiped out; the family lived in fear of the entire line dying off. But August Deschanel’s brood had thrived. Seven children, with children and grandchildren of their own. And aside from the horrible cluster of events a decade prior, there’d been no other tragedies to speak of.
And now… well, now they had bigger things to worry about. Revelations the Deschanel abilities were not merely coincidence, but instead a product of mingling with another race of beings. Empyreans. She thought daily of her niece, Anasofiya, who was somewhere in Wales, with her Empyrean mate and human husband. Their child would be born any day, the new Deschanel heir.
Setting aside her own worries, she knew she must deal with her sister’s current concerns, which would not go away by ignoring them.
“Colleen, we are fighting a power we have no weapons against,” Elizabeth pressed, lowering her voice as she stood before her older sister. “There’s not a single ability any of us have that can stop this horror. How are we supposed to live with that?”
“We just do,” Colleen said wisely, leaning against the marble hearth. Elizabeth’s outbursts were physically exhausting, as well as emotionally. “As we’ve discussed in the Council, we’ve already taken cautionary steps. We’ve gently encouraged our children to reconsider starting families of their own.”
Elizabeth snorted. “Yes, a lot of good that did! Your son Ashley has three kids! Maureen’s offspring are starting on grandbabies now, and Adrienne has two. And now, Anasofiya! We are flaunting our children before Brigitte, begging her to take them from us!”
Colleen eyed her levelly. “Some of the children have listened. My Amelia. Your Tristan. Nicolas. Alain. Evangeline’s kids…”
“Yes,” Elizabeth agreed, thoughtfully. “Thank God for that. And now, we are flirting with danger, with all this business about Aidrik, and these Empyreans. I still can’t believe you sent my son to consort with one, though I suppose he did come back safely from Wales… but that’s beside the point! We already had enough to contend with, we didn’t need one more thing!”
“It wasn’t as though we had much choice. Whether we ignore or address our Empyrean ancestry, it remains a fact. Aidrik’s protection will keep us safe, for now,” Colleen soothed. “As for your visions…”
Elizabeth shook her head, staring off vacantly. “Colleen, soon there will be more pain for us. I am going to be ill.”
“I wish you would tell me who you saw in your vision. It’s really counterintuitive to barge in here and tell me of a problem, but refuse to give me any details,” Colleen accused.
“What would telling you the names do? You can’t save them!”
“What is telling me this doing, Liz! Now I know we have more tragedy ahead, and for all I know, it involves one of my own babies.”
Elizabeth dropped her head at this, and Colleen’s heart sank. It did. It involved one of her brood. “Tell me, Elizabeth,” she ordered in a low, stern voice. “Tell me now.”
But Elizabeth was already lost to herself, crying and gazing off into the corner again. Once she slipped into her episodes, there were no words strong enough to pull her out.
Colleen wished she could disregard her sister’s warning as dramatics, but she couldn’t. The visions were the one thing you could not wade through for the truth; they were truth. More Deschanels were going to die to the Curse. At least one of the victims would strike close to Colleen.
And there was nothing anyone could do.

beautiful young woman with flowers


I keep playlist for each one of my series novels. Here’s the playlist Midnight Dynasty

Bad Blood- Bastille
Virgin- Manchester Orchestra
Pet- A Perfect Circle
Severus and Stone- Radical Face
Everlong- Foo Fighters
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song- Fleet Foxes
St. Augustine- Band of Horses
The Chauffeur- Deftones
The Funeral- Band of Horses
Love Love Love- Of Monsters and Men
Born to Die- Lana Del Ray
The Devil’s Tears- Angus & Julia Stone
Is There a Ghost- Band of Horses
White Blank Page- Mumford & Sons
A Praise Chorus- Jimmy Eat World

All of my series playlists are on Spotify, and can be found by following me here



Haunted Old House



Sarah is the author of the Paranormal Southern Gothic series, The House of Crimson & Clover, born of her combined passion for New Orleans, and the mysterious complexity of human nature. Her work has been described as rich, emotive, and highly dimensional.

An unabashed geek, Sarah enjoys studying obscure subjects like the Plantagenet and Ptolemaic dynasties, and settling debates on provocative Tolkien topics such as why the Great Eagles are not Gandalf’s personal taxi service. Passionate about travel, Sarah has visited over twenty countries collecting sparks of inspiration (though New Orleans is where her heart rests). She’s a self-professed expert at crafting original songs to sing to her very patient pets, and a seasoned professional at finding ways to humiliate herself (bonus points if it happens in public). When at home in Oregon, her husband and best friend, James, is very kind about indulging her love of fast German cars and expensive lattes.





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St. Charles At Dusk: PrequelBeyond Dusk: Anne: Book 0.5

The Storm & The Darkness: Book 1Beyond Darkness: Shattered: Book 1.5

The Illusions of Eventide: Book 2Beyond Eventide: Bound: Book 2.5

Midnight Dynasty: Book 3Midnight Dynasty: Act 1: Malediction

Midnight Dynasty: Act 2: Convocation Midnight Dynasty: Act 3: Omega

Beyond Midnight: Surrender Beyond Midnight: Asunder (Coming in Oct)





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