Day 13 – Tattoos and Piercings

Elizabeth –
Piercings – only my ears. Though when I was a teenager, we (Marie and another friend) decided to pierce our cartilage ourselves. Didn’t last.

Tattoos – 1. Rain in Arabic on the top of my left foot
2. A caduceus on my right inner ankle
3. Six stars on the top of my right foot
4. A rosary on my left foot
5. A fleur de lis on the back of my neck
6. Belle Tempête on my left wrist

Marie – Piercings/Tattoos
Well, I’ll start with piercings. I have my ears pierced, 4 holes in my left ear, 5 in my right, but I hardly ever wear earrings. I have a Monroe lip piercing, but I rarely have anything in it. Kids tend to pull earrings and lip piercings quite often, so for the sake of tempting my little ones, I hardly wear anything in them for the time being. I have had my belly button and nose pierced, but those have grown up for now. I would eventually like to have my nose redone though.

Now on to tattoos, I have 8 smaller tattoos which I’ll list below…
1. Mermaid on the top of my foot
2. Butterfly on my ankle
3. Sun/moon with Latin proverb on my lower back
4. Tinkerbell on my shoulder
5. Stars behind my ear
6. The word ‘always’ on the back of my neck
7. A kanji symbol on my wrist
8. Belle tempête on my forearm

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