30 Day Blog Challenge….fail.

Apparently, I can’t count….I’ll do better with Day 9. Eventually, I knew I’d get the numbers mixed up. So y’all have an excellent day and here’s a pretty sunrise picture before that sun becomes a sweltering, oppressive inferno. Think I’m kidding? Come to the South in the summertime. This time last year, Marie and I had taken a trip to New Orleans…and let me tell you, the BEST part of the Audubon zoo were those GLORIOUS water fans they have spread throughout. Why – if we’ve lived in Louisiana our entire lives – did we go to the zoo in New Orleans in July, you ask? To make a precious two year old happy. Totally worth it. This was also the trip where Marie dropped me off at Cafe du Monde, where I waited in the longest line ever to get beignets and iced coffee, but I forgot the sugar. So what do we do? Use powdered sugar from the beignets, of course.


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