Day 5 – Favorite Disney movie

Elizabeth: This is a tough one. I love Disney movies, and never tire of watching any of them. The Little Mermaid is special because it’s the first movie Marie and I went to see together when we were little girls. Plus, both of us also have an affinity for the ocean and sea life.

I’m weird though…most of the time, I like the Evil Queen characters more than the heroines/heroes (Ursula was an exception.) Take Sleeping Beauty for example….I totally love Maleficent. She was just a misunderstood, jilted woman who had her wings cut off by the man who professed to love her. I’d have a bone to pick too!

Side note: around 10 of the cast of characters came fully formed in my dream with complete names and personalities of their own. We knew Andrew needed an ex-wife so I enlisted Marie’s help to come up with a name. To honor my love for Maleficent, she offered Millicent…. πŸ™‚

Marie: My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid. Elizabeth and I went to the movies and saw this together when we were younger. It is a wonderful memory from what seems like so long ago. My second favorite Disney movie would be Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken. I wanted to be a horse diving girl for a long time after I saw that movie. πŸ˜‰




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