Nash and Reece

Never could two men be as different as Nash and Reece Douglas. They both had the same hazel eyes and dark hair as their father and the same olive skin as their mother, but that’s where the similarities ended. Nash was perpetually angry, always entitled, and unapologetically judgmental. Remembering the sexy and alluring man who took her to his family’s boathouse a year before, Layton could hardly believe she was with the same person. He’d romanced her with red wine, fried chicken, and a dance underneath the stars. And by the time he revealed his true nature six months ago, she was in too deep. She was in love with Nash’s family, devoted to Nash’s daughter; and she’d found her closest and dearest friend in the world – his brother. The odd thing was, as much as he despised Reece, Nash never said a word about the time they’d spent together – further confirmation in Layton’s mind that he’d never love her. She knew who his heart belonged to, and she’d known the first moment she saw them together. Nash was in love with Millie. And she was in love with Reece.

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