Andrew and Millie

Across town in his office, Andrew opened a locked box and thumbing through pictures, found one of the only tangible reminders of his relationship with Millie. She couldn’t have been more than fifteen sitting atop her Appaloosa in tan breeches, a white shirt starched to perfection, and brown riding boots. It was her first and only jumping competition; but she never stopped riding and lucky for Andrew, never stopped wearing brown riding boots. He wasn’t sure why, but this picture always brought tears to his eyes. Three weeks after it was taken, he left for his tour as a Green Beret to the Demilitarized Zone in Vietnam – witnessing horrors he’d never shared with anyone but Millie. And a little less than a year later, when her mother died mysteriously and she was swept up in the remnants of Ruth’s life, Millie begged Andrew to find love elsewhere. But he could never let her go – clinging their innocence and the purity of the love they shared.

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