For Your Reading Pleasure…Colleen Nye


Today, Colleen Nye is with us. We’re glad she’s here! 

1. Tell us about yourself. May include links to Facebook, twitter, blogs, websites, Amazon author page)
I am a published author. Along with several anthologies, I have two novels, When in Maui and Immersion. I am also an event coordinator.
Email –
Facebook –
Twitter – @Colleen_Nye
Instagram – Authorcolleennye
Pintrest – @WriterNye

2. How do you choose names for your characters?
By basically, I think of a name, think of any rude nicknames or if the strength of the name feels like a fit for the strength of the character. Then I think about how it would sound of a fan would be raving about the book and how the name would sound int hat conversation. I go through names until i find one that seems to fit.

3. Do you talk about your book/characters as though they are real?
Yes…. I try not to, but yes, I do.

4. Do you listen to music when you write or edit? What kind?
I do! When in Maui actually has the Blue October discography as like a soundtrack. I had a playlist for when I was writing Immersion as well.

5. How long have you been writing?
Since I was a little girl.

6. Tell us about when you realized you were ‘meant to be’ a writer.
I think I always knew it. But when I started writing when in Maui and finished it so quickly, it felt right.

7. Do you have a muse?
The world around me. Everyone.

8. How do you improve as a writer? (Workshops, conferences, reading)

Reading, gaining life experience, watching movies and listening to what readers say about the books they’re reading.

9. Writing quirks or superstitions?

Shhhhh…. if I tell you, then you’ll jinx me.

10. Tell us about your current work-in-progress.

Which one? LOL I have a few. #1 When in Doubt (When in Maui, book 2). #2 I am co-leading a 5 book anthology set called The Debut Collective and have a short story in all five books. #3 I am leading an anthology set that’s a unique take on anthologies. I write the over-arching story line for each book, each book has it’s own theme. Each book also has a group of guest authors that write short pieces that are embedded in the story line that I write. So basically, a full novel with guest authors’ pieces throughout. Book 1 is going to print. Book two is started. Book three is gathering authors. #4 My writers’ group is starting their 4th anthology. (I’m in the second and third) #5 I have a sci-fi trilogy that’s knocking on my writer’s brain waiting for me to have some of this all completed so I can start in on that. #6 I have a published short story that has turned into a full novel in my head. I’m slowly working on that as well.

11. What book are you reading now?

I just closed two books. I need a break and am writing currently. But the were Stacey Rourke’s Steam and Amy Bartol’s Darken the Stars. Both AMAZING books!

12. What genre do you write in? What about POV?

I skip around, but I prefer clean NA

13. Tell us about writing preparation. Character Profiles? Outlines?

I get an idea and start writing… I take notes along the way.

14. Do you know how your stories will end?

When I write it. 

15. Do you books have a message or theme? Or are they purely for entertainment?

I would think every book has some sort of message. But I think it’s up to the reader to figure out what that is to them.

16. Do you have any favorite snacks or drinks that you eat/drink while writing?

Water… gotta keep hydrated! Smart water to be specific. And Dove Chocolate Bars. 

17. Tell us about your other passions.

Marketing. I love to market and network. And I’m starting a small publishing house to help some other great authors out that just don’t have a home yet for their book babies.

18. What’s something interesting about you?

Oh, i suppose that’s up to the observer. I’m strange, quirky and often misunderstood. But aren’t we all?

19. Share a small sample(limit to one paragraph, please) of your writing… can be a WIP or already published.

Who turned the sun on and why hasn’t anyone slapped them? I thought to myself and pulled the comforter over my head.

A few minutes later, I pulled the comforter back down, just enough to reach up and pull the curtain back a little. I peeked out the window and watched the snow falling gently over the landscape. The trees, grass and lawn ornaments were all covered. We had just had a slight ice storm a couple days prior, and this snowfall was covering the ice on the electrical lines and tree limbs making everything look like it was covered in white glitter in the sun shine.

20. Anything you’d like to say to your current and future readers?
Keep reading and letting your imaginations grow! Thank you for your support! And PLEASE don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon and other platforms! It’s like food to writers! We require them to grow!

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