Ragan’s Song Review


For anyone who enjoys a story about second chances, Ragan’s Song is a perfect choice. We meet our heroine, Ragan, at the beginning of her journey home. For Ragan, returning to Fairfield Corners is bittersweet. She loves her parents, friends, and family, but secrets of the past threaten to destroy her chance at a new life. Ragan’s Song is a lighthearted read…a sweet romance with a touch of paranormal. Wonderful installment to the Fairfield Corners Series.

***This book would be enjoyable to someone who likes standalones, but are still part of a series. Presently, I’m reading the first Fairfield Corners, Saving Cassie, and I’m not having any problems following along. It’s recommended that you read them in order, but if you’re a bit of an odd bird – like me – you won’t be confused or thrown off if you happen to read 2 first. You will, however, be itching to find out Cassie and Logan’s story. Remember, this is the LAST day for the sale.

Saving Cassie 🇺🇸

Ragan’s Song 🇺🇸

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